A Glimmer of Hope - Honeywood Museum, Carshalton (Mar - Jun)

Kawa, The Mountain King - Lantern Arts Centre, (Mar - Jun)


Peace through Art - Ali Has, Stoke Newington (May)

The Mother Tree - Honeywood Museum, Carshalton (Oct - Jan)

Kurdish Art Fair 2020, Stoke Newington (Nov - Dec)

Carshalton Artists Open Studios (Jun - July 2021)



New Faces

Sprout Arts Gallery, Tooting


15th October -  27th October 2019

Deeply Rooted

The Stableyard Gallery, Morden Hall Park


5th August -  11th August 2019

Carshalton Artists Open Studios

The Greyhound

22nd - 23rd & 29th - 30th June2019

Kurdish Art Fair 2018

The Stoke Newington Gallery

7th - 8th December 2018


The Kurdish Diaspora

Red Doors Studios

22nd- 25th March2018

Kurdish Art Fair 2016

The Stoke Newington Gallery

19th - 20th November 2016

Art Blooms When Words Fail 2014

The Stoke Newington Gallery

7th December 2014

Body Language

Bodrum Bar Gallery, Stoke Newington

18th - 19th March 2009

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