Jan, Jam in a Jar

Feb, Ali Has

Mar, Honeywood Museum

Mar-Apr,  Lantern Arts Centre 

Jun - July, CAOS

Dec, Kurdish Art Fair



New Faces

Sprout Arts Gallery, Tooting


15th October -  27th October 2019

This is a set of three ink drawings of trees exploring the three stages of love.

Deeply Rooted

The Stableyard Gallery, Morden Hall Park


5th August -  11th August 2019

This is a collection of ink and acrylic drawings which focus on the chiaroscuro of tree branches, barks, roots and leaves.


Carshalton Artists Open Studios

The Greyhound

22nd - 23rd & 29th - 30th June2019

This collection of engravings and wooden sculptures, focused on lines found in the human form and nature. 

Kurdish Art Fair 2018

the Stoke Newington Gallery

7th - 8th December 2018

This collection of engravings and oil paintings shed light on the Kurdish struggle, grief, trauma and female political prisoners.

Christmas Art Fair

The Greyhound

22nd November 2018

This collection of engravings used the human form to illustrate a range of emotions.



The Kurdish Diaspora

Red Doors Studios

22nd- 25th March2018

This collection of mixed media pieces touch upon the connection between Kurds living in diaspora and their homeland. Although there is an urge to unite, one cannot ignore the separation.

Kurdish Art Fair 2016

the Stoke Newington Gallery

19th - 20th November 2016

This collection of paintings, ink drawings and charcoal  sketches centred on  female empowerment.

Art Blooms When Words Fail 2014

the Stoke Newington Gallery

7th December 2014

This collection of paintings used the female body to express unity in relationships, friendships and the environment and music.

body Language

Bodrum Bar Gallery, Stoke Newington

18th - 19th March 2009

This colourful collection of mixed media paintings explored concepts such as teamwork, love, society, pressure via the use of female figures.

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