Art Gallery



cCarshalton Artist's Online Studios

The Greyhound Hotel (Jun - July)

The  The Mountain King

Lantern Arts Centre, (Mar - TBC)


Peace through Art

Ali Has, Stoke Newington (TBC)

The Kingdom of the Grey

Honeywood Museum (TBC)

Kurdish Art Fair 2021

Stoke Newington Gallery (TBC)

Carshalton Artists Open Studios (Jun 21)



A Glimmer of Hope

Honeywood Museum (Mar - Jun)

New Faces

Sprout Arts Gallery (Oct 19)

Deeply Rooted

The Stableyard Gallery (Aug 19)

Carshalton Artists Open Studios 

The Greyhound Hotel (June 19)

Kurdish Art Fair 2018

Stoke Newington Gallery (Dec 18)


The Kurdish Diaspora

Red Doors Studios (Mar 18)

Kurdish Art Fair 2016

Stoke Newington Gallery (Nov 16)

Art Blooms When Words Fail 2014

Stoke Newington Gallery Dec 2014